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Business coaching services

Program 1

My program 1 consists of single 60 mins coaching sessions. This is useful when employees need to “dissect” a topic with the aim of bringing insight and possible resolution

Depending on the size of the group the sessions are done in one or several days.

Program 2

If the goal is to reach a resolution and bring insight into a group topic then my Program 2 is best because it offers group coaching sessions. 

Most popular

Program 3

If the preference is to gain knowledge and bring awareness for new behavior and approaches, Program 3 is the best option. This program consists of presentations and/or workshops that bring new insight to your employees.  

*A price quote is provided upon contact.

The benefits of business coaching

Business coaching can increase overall work-life satisfaction and zest for work. Some of the most common areas employees improve while working with a life coach are:

  • Increased confidence and expression of opinions

  • Improved decision-making 

  • Lower levels of procrastination

  • Increased excitement about work

  • Better work-life balance 

  • Awareness of limiting beliefs, strengths, and areas of improvement

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