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3 ways to add magic to your life

Updated: May 4

What would you do if you had a magic wand and there were no boundaries? Now how would you feel if I tell you that you already have that magic wand but it's not actually a wand, it's YOU! ⁠

The things we imagine doing if we only had a magic wand are the things that we truly desire and would make us happy. But often due to limiting beliefs, toxic people, and circumstances we stay in situations that do not brings us joy. We stay within the lain of suffering and do what is expected of us because we don't know better. ⁠There's no magic there.

Now how can you add that magic in your life?

Step 1 - Understand your true desires, values and beliefs

Yes. We start with a big one. Sorry, if you thought that this will be an easy process. The first way you can add magic to your life is to truly, I mean truly, understand what do you truly desire. If there are any Lucifer fans over here, you know what I mean. Imagine someone has the power to make you speak your inner desires. What will you answer, if they ask what do you truly desire?

Now, once you get a feeling of what you want, you can look into your values. What is important for you? Make a list. Now ask yourself, are the things in the list really connecting with you. Do you really find them important? It's ok to have some things that you put in the list but later you don't really feel connected with. Just cross them out and move on to the next one.

Once you have the full list, think about your beliefs. This can be a very heavy process so it's ok to not do it all at once. It's also ok to ask for help, for someone to guide you in the process.

Step 2 - Create a vision for the future

Now believe it or not the law of attraction is active for everyone. If you are interested there are many resources of information about how and why it works. I will put some of my favorites at the end of this blog.

The basic principle is that what you think and believe you attract. Many think that the law of attraction brings only positive things but that's not true. If you think shit, you will get shit. If you always think about the worst possible scenario and even in your happiest moments you think about what can go wrong....well, it will go wrong.

Imagine your thoughts are the fingers of a guitar player and life is the strings on a guitar. What determines that the guitar player plays a beautiful song? - How he moves his fingers. If he is new and doesn't know how to move the sound that he makes will not be pleasant for the ears. In the same way the negative thoughts and beliefs you have cannot steer your life a good direction.

Now once you learn how to play the guitar, your fingers move in a way that creates beautiful tunes that bring tears to the audience. Just like once you focus on the positive things and truly believe that your dreams are possible, your life will become the way you want it. might bring tears to your eyes.

One good way to make this tangible and really see the effects of the law of attraction is to create a vision board that you truly believe in. A vision board that brings tears to your eyes and smiles on your face when you look at it.

Step 3 - Gain confidence to change

You got your list of desires, values and beliefs. You know what you want your future to be and you have your vision board. Now what? You just sit, believe and wait. If only it would be that easy.

My dear reader, once you have all this is when your work really starts.

Depending on what you put in your vision board it can mean a slight change in attitude to a complete life change.


And this is a very scary thing to do. Leaving the life you know, even if it was uncomfortable, you knew everything about it and knew what to expect. But the magic happens when you do more than what others expect you to do. So dare to believe and have confidence in your desires, values, and beliefs. This is what makes you magical, what makes you unique and special. And trust me that the world needs your magic.

Here is where a support group can be very helpful. Don't be ashamed to ask for help. A support group is a person/people that will remind you of your WHY when you struggle to remember it and when quitting and going back to the familiar starts to seem like a nice idea. A support group can be a life coach, a best friend, a close family member. Any person that believes in your magic and wants your happiness.

You are your own magic wand and the world is the field where you can practice your magic! 💫Be courageous enough to try things out, be uncomfortable and get out of your comfort lane! 🏋️⁠

With love,


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