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Dreaming is a skill and what does that mean

Welcome to the world of dreams and aspirations, where imagination takes flight and possibilities are boundless. Dreaming isn't limited to the realm of sleep; it is a powerful tool that drives us to envision a brighter future and set meaningful goals. In this article, we'll explore the significance of dreaming as goal setting—a process that empowers us to turn our deepest desires into actionable objectives. Join us on a journey of aspiration and ambition, where dreams become the stepping stones to a purposeful and fulfilling life.

Starting from our earliest days, we absorb influences from our surroundings, forming the foundation of our beliefs and aspirations (social interactions, conflict management, way of living, and behavior). We suck it all like a sponge. As we are not yet equipped to judge if these examples have positive or negative effects on us this becomes our way of living.

This also affects our ability to DREAM and set goals for our lives. If you grew up in a household where there were no aspirations and discussion of dreams for something different than the present situation, you most likely continue the cycle as you live on. That is why the act of dreaming as goal setting is a skill. Not everyone can do it and it is something that you can learn. Let’s go into what it means to Dream:

  • Dreaming means change and being uncomfortable. The fear of change (and failure) can cause you to not go after your goals and stay where you are comfortable. But are you content with that? Is it worth it to stay in the comfort of discomfort just because it is familiar?

  • Dreaming means to strive for something more and desire for the better. It is to envision a brighter path, one brimming with possibilities beyond the confines of your current reality. It takes courage to voice a dream as it can be met with ridicule by those who do not possess (or understand) this skill.

  • Dreaming means self-awareness. To create a dream you first need to have an awareness of your current situation and what would you like to change about it.

  • Dreaming means creativity - being able to “think out of the box” that is your own life. This is not an easy task and often is one of the hardest steps to make. Combining your creativity with courage, you are then able to see further, you see the possibilities beyond the wall called “my life”.

As we dare to dream, we embrace change and self-awareness, uncovering the desires that stir within us. It is the fusion of creativity and courage that propels us beyond the boundaries of our own lives, envisioning possibilities that once seemed out of reach.

Dreaming is a skill—a skill that can be learned, honed, and nurtured with determination and perseverance. The journey of aspiration and ambition awaits those willing to embark upon it. So, let us seize the power of dreaming, for in our dreams, we unlock the potential to create a purposeful and fulfilling life. With the courage to dream and the resolve to act, we can transform our aspirations into realities and step boldly into the future we envision.

Dream big, strive higher, and let your imagination guide you on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and growth.

Together, let's dream, believe, and achieve.

Warm regards,


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