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Embarking on the Journey of Entrepreneurship while Expecting

Welcome to a world of extraordinary possibilities, where the thrill of entrepreneurship converges with the anticipation of approaching parenthood. The journey of becoming an entrepreneur is a remarkable venture in itself, and when intertwined with the experience of pregnancy, it becomes a path of unparalleled courage and determination.

Let's start by saying that embarking on the entrepreneurial journey was a move that I decided to make to save myself from a life of suffering and playing a role that didn't align with my values and beliefs. I had a successful career in the corporate world, but internally I was struggling and undergoing a transformation into someone I didn't recognize.

So I made the decision and quit cold turkey. This gave me the space to explore different courses and do things I enjoyed but didn't have time for before. This led to the establishment of the House of Awareness but not as you see it right now. I researched and did courses in building a business, but wasn't prepared for what it really needed - love and patience. I went into entrepreneurship with a strong "gogo" mentality and I did a lot of things by myself, which gave me a lot of pressure and stress.

As a new entrepreneur, I discovered that I was pregnant a few months into starting my business. Unfortunately, my pregnancy was quite challenging, and I had to spend most of my time in bed resting. Despite this, I was able to complete the coaching process with the few clients I had. However, it was clear that I needed to put my practice, House of Awareness, on hold to prioritize my health and that of my baby. It was a significant shift from my previous "go-go" mentality to a more relaxed "take it easy" approach, which was not easy to accept. It involved lots of tears, negative self-talk, and seeking professional support.

It took me a year and a half to truly learn my lesson, but I finally got there. When I felt prepared, I relaunched the House of Awareness. This time, I was more composed and organized. As I revisited my previous work, such as adding articles to the website or changing page content, I was amazed at how much I accomplished by myself while creating a little human inside of me. Although it doesn't feel like I me who did it, I am proud of what I accomplished. This experience has shown me how limitless my perseverance truly is.

As of 2023, my focus has been on achieving a proper balance between work and life. Although this is an ongoing process, I am managing to stay composed and maintain equilibrium. My efforts have reflected positively in my practice, with double the number of clients and increased exposure since my launch. I truly believe this success is due to my calm approach and mindset.

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