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How to build a vision for the future that really works

Updated: May 4

In a previous post, I talked about 3 ways to add magic to your life. Step 2 was to create a vision for your future and this post is an expansion of that step.

Now let's talk about why do you want to build a vision for your future. If your first thought is something of the sort "Well, it's obvious, that's what you need to.", you are not wrong. We all think we know the answer to simple questions until we try to really answer them. It is a bias of the brain and more specifically the left side that always tries to find an explanation to things, regardless of whether it has the right information. You are not at fault to think like that.

#1 Build awareness

Now, think about your current life situation. Start with the simple practical things - age, occupation, living situation, residence. Then take it a step deeper and look inside and ask about your desires, values, and beliefs. Ask yourself the following:

  1. What do I like about my life as it is right now?

  2. What do I like about myself as I am right now?

  3. What don't I like about my life as it is right now?

  4. What don't I like about myself as I am right now?

These are the pluses and minuses of your current life situation and your self-image.

Now ask yourself the following:

  1. What is truly important for me?

  2. What do I value the most in my life?

  3. What do I want to keep present in my life?

  4. How much control do I have over what I want to keep in my life?

These questions can help you to dive deeper into what you truly desire. If you read my previous article - 3 ways to add magic to your life., you might have read that true desires are what is really important when it comes to building your future.

Imagine there is someone who has the power to bring out your true desires and they ask you the question "What do you truly desire?" What will be your answer? It is not right or wrong here. Your desires are what make you unique in the world.

So if you find that it is hard for you to connect with your true desires - maybe you feel ashamed, scared, and not worthy of having these desires - write it down. Write all your thoughts about what you truly want in a diary. Write everything down until you feel you have let it all out.

That is #2 Letting go of limiting beliefs

Do not try to rush through this moment. Give yourself the time to express on that paper everything that you feel and think about your desires. Once you are in peace with your feelings and there is nothing more to write you can move to

#3 Accepting your authenticity

You are unique and your magic is needed in the world. My belief is that we all have a purpose and a unique superpower that lays hidden within us. It is our job to connect with it and let it out. Use it and enjoy it. If everyone does what they truly enjoy and live their life according to that, the world would be a lot more balanced place.

Now...back to the guide. Maybe you have noticed now that you let all your thoughts and feelings out, you feel a lighter, fresher. Maybe the grass looks greener on all sides. People mention that you seem brighter and more relaxed. Or maybe there is more clarity in your mind about what are your true desires, values, and beliefs.

Now is time for

#4 Building your vision

This can be done either with a vision board or by scripting. I am a very visual person so I enjoy creating a vision board. For others writing down what they want works better. Either way, sit down and start building.

Think about what do you want your life to be like in 5,10, 20 years. Think as if you have a magic wand and there are no boundaries. You are able to do everything you want and nothing is on your way.

If you are building a vision board, start searching for pictures that represent the images in your mind. Take some time to do this. I recommend having a separate folder on your computer where you can save each picture that speaks to you.

If you are scripting, you can start to write down some words, sentences that come to your mind. Similar to the vision board, it can help to have a separate notebook just for that purpose.

Don't be afraid to write down or save any picture that catches your attention. This takes time, so give it to yourself.

After you have gathered a good amount of pictures or wrote down some pages with text, it's time to start sorting and building.

For vision boarders- start to put those pictures on a blank canvas and see which fits where best. If what you thought fits, doesn't anymore, it's ok. Remove it.

During this process, your vision might change. Bringing a physical form to ideas helps to understand better what we had in our head and whether we want to switch it up a bit. Don't pressure yourself and feel what you are building. When the right picture or sentence comes up you will know it belongs on that vision board or vision journal.

#5 Admire your creation

Once you have finalized your vision it is time to admire your work.

If you have created a vision board, put it up on a wall or save it in a place where you know you will look at it often. This is a very important step as it is also like announcing to the world that this is what you want to get out of life. Here is where the law of attraction will get "attracted".

Be proud of your creation and do not be afraid to look at it, admire it, feel it, share it with others. IT can be really fun to share your vision with your close people. This is who you bring out more of it into the world. By talking about it you make it more and more real for yourself.

I hope this article has given you some clues on how to achieve your dreams and given you some hope that it is possible. You can and have the power to do so.

Lots of love,


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