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How to make sure you aren’t blindly in love

Do you know what I mean? That time when you met someone new, there was a spark that turned to fire. You find yourself doing all these crazy things and feel like you literally can’t breathe without them.

You think it may be love ❤️ because you are so crazy about that person. Soon you start to fight a lot, then you make up a lot and someone ends up heartbroken. You might wonder how did you end up in this situation since there was so much love there.

Well, most probably that wasn’t love. Love is meant to empower, uplift you, and help you find calmness. All the rest I label as “experience” 😀

Here are some tips for avoiding falling blindly in love:

  1. Take your time: Don't rush into a relationship too quickly. Take the time to get to know the person and develop a deeper understanding of who they are, their core values, and motivations.

  2. Observe their behavior: Pay attention to their behavior and actions, not just their words. Look for consistency in their behavior, and evaluate whether their actions match their words.

  3. Use your head as well as your heart: While it's essential to listen to your heart, it's also important to use your head and think logically about the situation. Think about what you know so far about the person, their pros and cons, and whether it all aligns with what you want in a partner. This is crucial, as here is where things can get blurry when we are too in love with the other person already. More on that in the next point.

  4. Seek feedback from others: Get feedback from trusted friends and family members. They may see things that you don't and can offer objective advice. This can be very helpful especially if you feel that you are too in love already. It is important to choose people that you trust and know have your best interest at heart.

  5. Avoid idealizing the person: Avoid placing the person on a pedestal and idealizing them. Recognize that they are human, with flaws and imperfections. And no, their negative traits and behaviors disappear over time and you are not there to fix them.

  6. Set boundaries: Set clear boundaries in the relationship and stick to them. Boundaries help you maintain your sense of self and prevent you from losing yourself in the relationship.

  7. Maintain your independence: Don't give up your personal goals and interests for the sake of the relationship. Maintain your independence and pursue your passions, even while in a relationship. It is important to take time off so you don’t lose yourself in the other person. These are also moments to reflect on the relationships and check if it’s aligned with what you want.

Remember, falling in love is a beautiful experience, but it's essential to approach it with a level head and avoid blindly falling for someone. Take the time to get to know the person, use your head as well as your heart, observe their behavior, seek feedback from others, avoid idealizing them, set boundaries, and maintain your independence. These tips can help you build a healthy and fulfilling relationship that is grounded in reality.

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