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What plants can teach us about communication

If you are a lover of Nature and enjoy taking care of a few plants 🪴 then please read on.

Have you ever noticed that some plants are reacting to your attitude? Maybe your favorite plant is the one that is the most healthy and growing the best (and that’s why it is your favorite, maybe)? Well, I recently noticed how the plants that I have put in a corner and don’t really pay attention to are the ones that die faster compared to the ones I give the most love and affection to.

The concept of kind words having a direct effect on plants is often associated with the idea of "plant communication" or the belief that plants respond to human interactions, including positive or negative language. That being said, some studies have explored the potential indirect effects of human interactions on plants through factors like sound vibrations or emotional states. For example, certain research has suggested that certain sound frequencies or vibrations produced by human speech may have some influence on plant growth or development.

Considering this I started to wonder about the energy that we exhibit and how it is received by our surroundings. If plants can get affected by our positive or negative energy, how much of an effect can this have on the people around us? Without the need to even speak to one another.

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