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“She was very professional and made very clear what I can expect from her. She listened to my coaching question and put effort into getting more information about what is behind my behavior.


She took the time to listen to me and ask me effective questions. I never had the feeling that she was in a hurry. I liked her tranquility. She gave me a lot of applicable advice."

 Simone van der Linden


“Stefani had a very personal and flexible approach. Her method got me talking about topics that I did not know could influence me. She was able to make me think deeply about what I want and made me feel that what I want is possible. 


The sessions with her made me feel comfortable with the choices I made in the past and the dreams I was afraid to imagine. Now I know that my dreams are very much possible."

 Ika Petra Moerbeek


“Coaching with Stefani has certainly improved my understanding of how I should take decisions that best align with my core strengths and values.

Before going through the sessions, I was not using this perspective, and therefore I was often procrastinating and not being confident about some decisions.”

Marco Ruzzante

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