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Live the exciting, happy life you deserve

Life coaching and counselling that will get you to concur life with confidence and fulfillment while being true to yourself, your desires and wishes. 

What brings you here?

My relationship with myself 

I don't feel happy with myself. Something is missing, I don't know what.

I want to feel whole and happy.


My environment

I don't find joy in what I do. I feel unmotivated and unfulfilled. I want to be happy with what I do.


The future and my vision for it

I feel lost and have no clear direction. The future is blurry. I want to find out what to do and how. 


My relationships with others

I find it hard to communicate with others. I can't find love. I want to have loving relationships.

It is about you

House of Awareness adapts to your needs and that is why there are different coaching formats available: 

  • Face-to-face conversations in the comfort of your home (the Netherlands only)

  • Walk outside at a location of your comfort (the Netherlands only) 

  • Online conversation (Worldwide)

  • Business coaching (the Netherlands only) 

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Real journey stories


“Coaching with Stefani has certainly improved my understanding of how I should take decisions that best align with my core strengths and values.

Before going through the sessions, I was not using this perspective, and therefore I was often procrastinating and not being confident about some decisions.”

Marco Ruzzante


“I was looking for a better understanding of the roots of my emotions. Coaching with Stefani allowed me to go back and deep into the first years of my life.

This resulted in accepting my past and having a better understanding of my purpose in life. I also developed confidence in myself, my choices, and speaking my truth.”

 Jessica B. Iglesias